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  Spiral Necklace
  Long Spiral Drop Pendant
  Spiral Bangle
  Spiral Coil Ring with Three Coils
  Spiral Arch Brooch
  Spiral Coil Earrings
  Large Spiral Coil Ring with Three Coils

  Fine Spiral Necklace
  Fine Spiral Necklace Full Neck
  Fine Spiral Pendant on Snake Chain
  Long Spiral Drop Earrings
  Short Spiral Drop Earrings
  Spiral Bud Earrings
  Spiral Arch Earrings
  Spiral Arch Ring

  Elongated Spiral Necklace
  Elongated Spiral Necklace Oxidized Black Inside
  Elongated Spiral Necklace - 22ct Gold Inside
  Spiral Coil Earrings
  Spiral Coil Earrings Oxidized Black Inside
  Spiral Coil Earrings - 22ct Gold Inside

  Interlocking Spiral Pendant
  Adjustable Interlocking Spiral Pendant
  Interlocking Spiral Earrings
  Interlocking Spiral Brooch
  Interlocking Spiral Pin
  Interlocking Spiral Brooch Half 18ct Yellow Gold
  Interlocking Spiral Pin Half 18ct Yellow Gold

  Small Swirl Pendant
  Triple Swirl Necklace
  Swirl Necklace with Silver Dome
  Swirl Necklace with Oxidized Black Dome
  Swirl Necklace with Gold Dome
  Swirl Earrings with Silver Domes
  Swirl Earrings with Oxidized Black Domes
  Swirl Earrings with Gold Domes
  Swirl Drop Earrings
  Large Swirl Earrings
  Large Swirl Necklace

  Double Helix Necklace

  Spiral Cufflinks Textured Spiral Coil
  Spiral Cufflinks Polished Spiral Coil
  Spiral Cufflinks Part Oxidized Black
  Spiral Tie Pin
  Spiral Cufflinks with Bullet Shaped Garnets
  Spiral Cufflinks with Bullet Shaped Topazes
  Swirl Cufflinks with Oxidised Black Domes
  Swirl Cufflinks with 22ct Gold Plated Domes

  Large Graduated Swirl Necklace
  Interlocking Spiral Necklace with Multiple Links
  Spiral Necklace and Coil Ring with Garnets
  Spiral Necklace with Detachable Ball Set

    © Daniela Dobesova 2010 all rights reserved
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