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Information : Hallmarking

Daniela's work conforms to British hallmarking standards.

The jewellery is independently tested by the London Assay Office to verify the bullion standard before a hallmark is applied. A hallmark guarantees the precious metal content and is one of the oldest forms of consumer protection.

The UK Hallmarking Act requires all Gold pieces of 1gram in weight or more, and all Silver pieces over 7.78grams, to carry a hallmark.

A UK hallmark comprises several elements, including the following:

  • The Makers Mark - in Daniela’s case "DD".

  • The lion - Fineness Mark - and "925" denote the piece is made from sterling silver, i.e. 92.5% pure silver (for silver pieces)

  • The Leopard's head - Assay Office Mark - shows it was marked by the London Assay office

  • The Date Mark defines the year of production, for example "K" refers to 2010.

Due to the delicate nature of some of Daniela's pieces, a laser hallmark is often used, rather than a stamped mark applied with a punch.

Marks on some of the smaller pieces may be hard to see, but will be there if the material and weight requires it.

For more information on hallmarking please visit the London Assay Office site, or if you have a specific question on the hallmarking of Daniela's work please contact her

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