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The dominance of the high street by the big brands and multiple retail chains largely overshadows the presence of small niche designer-makers, and the unique products they offer.

These independent designers cannot compete with large marketing budgets, and remain invisible to the high street shopper. For the discerning few who are willing to search for individual and original work, designer craft shows, galleries, and now increasingly the internet, provide access to an oasis of hidden treasures.

Compared to the impersonal large brands, small designer businesses are able to offer customers something truly different and unusual.

"Sadly the UK jewellery market is dominated by low-cost mass produced imports, and it is a big challenge to help people understand, appreciate and value individually hand-crafted designer jewellery."

"Knowing who designed and made a particular piece is special, the passion they have for their work reflected in what they make gives an added dimension that cannot exist in mass-produced items."

Daniela considers that it is the design and unique quality of handcrafted jewellery that gives it a value, not the amount of metal or the size of gemstone used in it. "I believe that good design gives value to the materials used in a piece, not the other way around."

"It's not about blindly following the latest fashions; but about creating something with lasting appeal."

The above quotes are taken from an article in the Sept 2006 Craft & Design Magazine for which Daniela was interviewed by Angie Boyer (editor). Daniela won the 2006 BCTF Newcomer Award, sponsored by the Craft & Design Magazine.

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