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Information : After Care

If well looked after your jewellery will continue to look beautiful for many years to come.

Please read the following guidelines, but if in any doubt just get in touch and Daniela will be happy to advise on the best way to clean your jewellery. Alternatively, if you prefer, your jewellery can be cleaned professionally - a service Daniela offers for a small charge.

As with all jewellery take care to avoid contact with chemical irritants such as oils, perfumes, sprays, cosmetic creams or strong household cleaning products, and remove your pieces before entering a chlorinated swimming pool. When not worn it’s best to keep your jewellery in the original box.

How to Clean

Gold Pieces

Pieces made solely from gold usually do not need any special care – an occasional quick wipe with a jewellery cloth will bring their sparkle back. Alternatively you can buy cleaning products for gold.

Silver Pieces

Unfortunately silver does tarnish - with exposure to air and moisture - and a regular quick dip in a silver dip cleaning solution will help to prevent this. All silver pieces (excluding those which are oxidised i.e. black silver) can be simply dipped into ‘Goddard’s Silver Dip'. The solution, supplied in glass jars, is available from general hardware & jeweller's shops along with jewellery cloths.

Please note : For larger pieces it is best to first pour the contents of the jar into a bigger plastic or glass dish so the entire piece will fit in.

For a full effect of the chemical on the metal, wash your piece/s first in warm soapy water - agitation with a soft brush, such as a toothbrush, can help in this - and then rinse well before dipping into the solution. This is to ensure that no oily film remains on the surface of the metal (such as that caused by cosmetics, creams and perspiration) which can stop the solution from reaching the surface effectively. Always wash your piece well in warm soapy water afterwards and dry gently with a soft cloth – a quick wipe will also add an extra spark to edges. This process will work even if the piece incorporates gold or most gemstones - please contact Daniela for advice if uncertain.

Oxidised (Black) Silver Pieces

Please note the above method cannot be used to clean oxidised silver (chemically blackened silver jewellery) as this would damage, and potentially remove the black finish.

If you own a design which combines black and polished silver you may clean the part which is not oxidised by either part dipping the item into the dip (where it is possible) or simply by rubbing it with a jewellery cloth – Some designs can be taken apart in order to be cleaned, please contact Daniela for an advice on this.

Gold-Plated Jewellery Care

As with all plating durability depends on care and use. If looked after well - avoiding extensive mechanical wearing & brushing, scratching and contact with any chemical irritants such as perfumes, sprays, creams etc., it will last for years without the need for re-plating.

Alterations and Repairs

If you feel you need to have your piece(s) altered or repaired following your purchase, please get in touch. Commitment to customers is very strong and Daniela is always happy to discuss what can be done. Charges for this service depend on the nature of the work required.

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